Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fun Weekend

I have no pictures to show for our weekend trip to Greenville, SC for my cousins wedding. I brought my camera but that doesn't matter if the memory card was left at home in the computer. We left Saturday morning and drove strait to Greenville (3 hours), met up with my Mom and Morgan, and My sister and her boyfriend at the hotel. checked in and got ready for the wedding. It was in a mansion (Ramsey referred to it as the castle). We got our seats for the wedding. Ramsey was still for about 2.5 seconds and didn't even make it to start of the wedding. Cope took him outside to play. After the wedding we enjoyed the reception but Ramsey enjoyed it the most as he was EVERYWHERE! Seriously, Cope and I have determined we might have the WILDEST 2 year old on the planet. If he is on the ground he is running. We contained the wildness as long as we could and then decided to head back to the hotel. My Mom and Morgan volunteered to let Ramsey fall asleep in there room so we could hang out with Paige (my sister) and Jay (her boyfriend).
We had a great night with lots of laughter and funny stories. The next morning we all had breakfast together and then we headed for home. One the way we decided to stop by the huge outlets in Commerce even though we had forgotten the stroller we decided to tag team the event. We never shop so we had to at least try. We started in J-Crew and Ramsey was out of control we tried but he was everywhere. We ended up spending like $280 and both walked out not sure at all what we had bought. If a shirt fits grab one in every color and lets go! Needless to say we only made it to about 2 other store before we gave up.
We made it home and were all exhausted but felt like we really had spent some quality time together. Car trips are the best and we were all glad to have gotten away if even for a day.


jill said...

love that boy of yours ... and SO glad to know mine's not the only one who acts like that. :) jealous of the j-crew outlet stop! hope your week is a good one!

Kelly Young said...

REALLY?! No pictures?! I have been patiently waiting for you to post about this so I could see pictures lol :(

Julie said...

Hmmm. Again, sounds like Ramsey and Mattie are related for real.