Friday, November 13, 2009

Tailgate Party at Play School

Ramsey's Play School had a tailgate party this morning so we all geared up in our UGA finest and went to party. It was pretty cute and each classroom had different games and goodies for the kiddies. Of course the little ones Ramsey's age found simply playing with trucks was was more fun then silly ole games. The morning ended with Corn dogs at 10:00am. Breakfast of champions! Then we headed to Bounce in Beans in town for a little girl's Birthday party. Ramsey was thrilled to finally get to go back to " Bounce Beans!!!" It has been a fun morning and now Ramsey is napping and as usual Mommy is sewing and Daddy is playing some X-Box. Oh, how I love Fridays!!!

Eating some cereal with Daddy: Excited to get to his class party:
Trying his first corn dog, of course he just used it as a means to more ketchup: Best Buddy Ty chowing down: Playing trucks once we got home:

So far our weekend is off to a fun start. We are about to head over to My Moms for a holiday photo shoot. I'm sure that won't be stressful in the least.


jill said...

love these!!! wish we got to do fun stuff like this at school. r's shirt is too precious! enjoy the photo shoot ... can't wait to see some pictures!

Erin Duvall said...

the video is too cute. Ramsey is really talking well.