Saturday, November 21, 2009

Imagine It!

I've mentioned before that Cope is off on Fridays so we try to do something special on those days and one BIG thing each month. This month's was trying out the Imagine It Children's museum in Atlanta. It was pretty neat and since Ramsey isn't 2 yet he even got in for free. They had tons of hands on things for kids to learn and explore. It was a little crowded due to field trips but we ended up having a good time and think when Ramsey gets a little bigger we'll be back for some more exploring. After the museum we went to a neat Sushi lunch place. Ramsey mostly ate goldfish and drank grape juice. He has a cold which is messing with his appetite somewhat (his normal appetite isn't all that big). Then we went by to see where Cope works. We hadn't been there because it is an hour drive on a traffic free day. From there I made Cope do a little fabric shopping with me and then we ended our adventure at Cold Stone. I got my favorite cake batter with cookie dough. YUMMY. Ramsey ate vanilla wafers. We had a really fun day as a family and Ramsey was on his best behavior (most of the time). Our big plans for this weekend are visiting Cope's parents today and then decorating our house for Christmas tomorrow. Here are some pics from Friday's Family Fun Day:

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Kelly Young said...

fun! Cope looks great with George ;)