Thursday, November 19, 2009

Party Planning

We're getting ready for Ramsey BIG birthday bash next weekend. I am so excited for his party. I think when he turned 1 I was just thankful to have survived that first year, we had just moved, and Cope had just come home from Iraq. It was hard to truly be in the moment with all the craziness in our lives at the time. I am now focused and ready to throw our little guy a full themed Birthday party. He loves Curious George so I'm running with that. We're taking him to Imagine It ( Museum in Atlanta)tomorrow which is hosting a special Curious George thing for the next few months. We're hoping to get him even more pumped up about his party theme.
Here is his invitation my Mom created special for the Birthday Boy:
Here is the Birthday shirt I made for him:
I can hardly believe Ramsey is almost 2. He is one WILD little man but man I think he is just the BEST! I so enjoy being his Mommy. What a treat!


Brandi Beals said...

Love it! Happy almost 2nd birthday Ramsey!

KatieMGreen said...


I love your new header picture!! He's so handsome. :)

jill said...

love these! and your new picture is PRECIOUS!!!! can't wait to see the big boy's bash, mom!