Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ramsey at Cotillion 2013

Ramsey did his first time at cotillion this past week. They have a 5/6 old session, 7/8 year old, and 9/10 year old so he will do it every other summer if he chooses. He loved it and learned lots. It helped that his buddies did it too and that his Pre-K teacher, Miss Pamela was one of the teachers. Here are some pics from his program day to end the awesome week:

#1 stunner:
 Ramsey with his buddy Kaden: (Kaden had done it two times now and was there to watch his sister Kendall who was in Ramsey's cotillion class) (these two did football camp together earlier this summer):
 Ramsey with the cotillion mascot peanut:
 At the cotillion performance: (he talked on the mic for the first time in public and did great!)
 Getting a little bored can you tell by his pose?:
 Getting his certificate:
 Ramsey, Kendall, and Connor: (thouble! oh and mean buddies :)
 Our little gentleman:
 After the program I took Ramsey and his buds to see the new Turbo movie (super cute movie!) and when we came out they had race cars for the kiddos to see:

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