Saturday, July 27, 2013

Medieval Times

This past Thursday my Friend Heather and I took our kiddos to Medieval Times at Discover Mills Mall. These two kids start Kindergarten in just 12 days so we wanted to do something special for them before the school year starts. They will both be going to Cloverleaf Elementary and will be in the same class. I am so thankful they will have each other in those scary first few days. 

We had fun shopping for them some back to school clothes and taking them to the Lego and Disney store. The Medieval show started at dinner time and it was very cool. Ramsey loved the battles and was cheering for his team. Here are some pics from our fun day with these two cuties:

 Listening to a Monsters University story at the Disney store:
 Getting a little drink (pink lemonade) before the show:
 Loving life!:
 King of the castle!:

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