Friday, July 12, 2013

Bentley Got Sick

So about 3 weeks ago Bentley started randomly throwing up (he has bad reflux and has also swallowed a sewing needle a few years back) so I really thought either it was just random or he had eaten another needle or something. He also started walking weird with his back hunched and at times acted like he was sore. I finally took him in to the vet and asked them to do an x-ray and they also suggested blood work. Well come to find out his pancreas was swollen and his levels were WAY off. Long story short they called and said he had Pancreatitis, oh man. He is a mommas boy and stresses at the vet so I asked to take him home and do the IV fluids at home. Well, that was nice thought but he was in so much pain he didn't sleep, and kept pulling his IV line out. So on the 3rd night he spent the night at the hospital and got all the necessary meds and fluids he needed. It took him about 2 weeks but he is on the mend and back in full mommas boy mode. I am so thankful he is doing better but man he is a money pit! One which I am happy to call mine :)

At home on IV Fluids. I slept on the couch next to his chair:
 Pitiful looking at the hospital:
 Headed home and one the mend but very tired!:

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Mylinda said...

First time I've looked at your blog in forever! Loved the cotillion pics. I can totally relate to the pancreatitis thing. So glad that little Bentley is better!!We went through the same thing with Brady but after a month of no progress we ultimately lost him. So glad it went the other direction with you guys and he seemed all back to normal when I saw him the other day.