Friday, April 20, 2012

First T-ball Game

Last Night was Ramsey's 1st T-Ball game. We were all so excited and I just love how cute he looked in his whole uniform. It is these milestones that make me so thankful to be a mom of a healthy, energetic, WILD child. Ramsey was pumped and ready to go!

 Action Pose:
 Cute Little Brave:
 Ramsey and his Buddy Ty:

Getting ready for bat:
 Ramsey and coach Dad:
 Miss Rylan, the Braves littlest fan:
 The whole crew in the dugout:

 Ramsey at Bat:
 using his bat as a gun:
 on Deck:
 On Third:
 Good Game:
 Running to get their after game snack (the only thing they really care about):

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Brandi Beals said...

Go Ramsey! He looks so cute in his uniform.