Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Party at Pre-K

Last Friday Ramsey's class had their Easter celebration since this week they are out on Spring Break. I dressed Ramsey in his new tie and he said "well, I sure hope no one tells me I look cute". Too Late! They had an egg hunt followed by a small class party. My Mom (aka Nama) joined us to watch the fun!

Ramsey all ready to go:

Thomas, Carson, and Ramsey:
They had to hunt egg with their names on it.So education yet so practical so they don't clobber each other. It was so calm and nice:

The whole class (direct sun, not good for photos):

Prayer before snacks:

Loving his chic-fil-a and cookies:

Holla if you love a good party!:


Brandi Beals said...

LOVE the tie!!

Julie said...

Would you please tell Ramsey how cute I think he looked for his Easter party??

Jenn said...

What a handsome boy!