Sunday, April 1, 2012

and T-ball begins...

Ramsey started T-ball this past Tuesday. He is still playing soccer too which goes for 5 more weeks so we are busy people for the month of April! He was super pumped for his first T-ball practice especially since so many of his buddies are on his team. His buddy Ty's daddy is the head coach and Cope is his assistant. So fun and so cute! So we hit the ball field Tuesday afternoon and the kids had a blast. For the most part they were well behaved but of course you have the "when is my turn", "I'm thirsty", "How much longer" type of things. Cope said practice was pretty much just hurding cats. Oh, and they just love to play in the dirt and throw it at each other. They start games in a few weeks and that should only prove to be more hysterical and fun at the same time!

The Intimidator!: Coach Tom talking to the kids:

Lining up to practice running bases (you can see a few already playing in the dirt):

Lining up for some grounders:

Cope trying to heard the cats:

Ramsey and his buddy Ty:

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