Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fire Station Field Trip

This past Friday Ramsey had a field trip with his Pre-School class to the local fire station. It was close enough that we could all just walk holding parents hands. The firemen  did a great job entertaining the kiddos and showing them the robes of the the fire house. Here are some pics from our adventure:

Kids listening to the firemen talk about fire safety:

Ramsey on the firetruck:

Kiddos pose for a pic:
 Mommy making him cheese in the kitchen:
 Talking about some of the meals the guys cook up:
 Then it was on to the classroom for some questions and answers:
 The final room was a puppet show about fire safety:
 Ramsey's whole class:

Ramsey ready for action:
 Driving the antique firetruck:

We went back to the classroom at school for snack and I found that Ramsey's little plant was growing:
 Snack Time!:
 Excited about his new fireman hat:


Jenn said...

What a fun field trip!

Brandi Beals said...

So much fun!!!