Saturday, March 12, 2011

What We've Been Up To

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. Just taking it easy here in the Rowell house. Cope just got back from being gone for 16 days to Germany (for 14 days) and Savannah (for 2 days of drill). It was a LONG two weeks without him but Ramsey and I made it and I only about lost my mind right at the end. Ramsey is enjoying preschool so much and days spent with his Nama. He also got to spend two nights with Cope's parents during Cope's time away. Ramsey loved every minute of his time with Grammy and Grampy! I have been keeping busy with sewing orders,being Mom, and keeping our household running. We are all ready for warmer weather. I have already turned over mine and Ramsey's closets in anticipation. Other then that not too much new to report. Just doing life and enjoying it!

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