Saturday, March 26, 2011

this week

Again not too much new or crazy in the Rowell house. I feel like I don't blog near as much as I used to. I wish I thought to take more pics. I am going to try better, really I am. In other news Ramsey has decided to finally move off of the movie Cars and on to Wall-E. He is in L-O-V-E! We sold his log play cabin and I explained it was taking up too much room and he said "ok, when we sell it can I go to the Wall-E store?" So as soon as the Cabin left our driveway to its new home Ramsey and I we're on Ebay buying him a Wall-E set for $20. It got here on Tuesday and he has been playing with it ever since:

Then the other day we were in Hobby Lobby and Ramsey looked at me and said "Diamonds are a gwirls best fwend" I said where did you hear that. He said "my teachers". We'll at least I know he is learning the important things. Just kiddin'.

Cope and I had a fun date last night to Sushi and then to see the movie Hall Pass. Super Funny and it was just good to spend time with my guy. We also hit my FAVORITE ice cream spot on the way home. Anyone else been to a Menchies? OMG, I seriously need an intervention. That is about all from here for not. Just doing life and loving it (99% of the time). Now off to the grocery store with wild man. Anyone else sort of dread shopping with their 3 year old? He wants something constantly. And will say "Mommy, wait! Back up! I need that" 9 times out of 10 he tries it and doesn't like it and I am stuck buying some crap he promised he would eat. Good stuff.


Brandi Beals said...

Griffin's first love was Walle! Glad you get a little change of scenery too! :)

Erin Duvall said...

I still can't believe your kid enjoys that movie. We bought it and Ava thought it was super boring but I'm going to put it in for her today and see if she likes it now that she's older. I mean they don't talk :) And Ava is always picking stuff out at the grocery store and she never eats the crap I buy. I now go when she's at school on Mondays and Wed. with Tripp since he's too little to have opinions.