Friday, March 4, 2011

Dr.Seuss Party at Preschool

Ramsey has had a full week of Dr.Seuss at preschool and today was finished off with the "sleep Book" so the kids go to wear their pajamas to school and have lots of activities and the story. Cope and I went and were in charge of putting color in the kids hair and making them look like bedheads. Ramsey was stoked that Mom and Dad both came and stayed at school with him.
Here is the whole preschool after being read the "sleep book": Ramsey: Listening for about 2.2 seconds:
I got on to him for running in his classroom and put him in a time out. I know, Mom is such a party pooper: Enjoying the red fish/ blue fish cookies mommy brought for the class. He ate 2 whole cookies. Maybe that is why he didn't want lunch at chik-fil-a afterwards???:

Snacking with his classmate. Notice he is sitting as close as possible to his beloved Annabelle:


Cope said...

I like how in the first picture three different kids are picking their noses.

Katie Jones said...

Poor Ramsey in the corner! You're the opposite of most parents - they let the kids run wild in the classroom while they're there. Good for you for making him follow the rules!

Brandi Beals said...

I am dying laughing at the time out picture. Sorry Ramsey! :) Looks like a fun party though!