Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Staying Focused

There is lots of Craziness going on in our little world right now. Things going on in the lives of people we know. Some stuff that is just heart breaking and some are just train wrecks you have to watch when you'd rather turn away. It is hard to sift through the madness decide how to to turn it into a positive thing. One thing is for sure I am grateful for my little family. I am thankful I have a husband I adore and who loves me. I am thankful for Ramsey and thank God everyday for my little, wild charge. The world is still good no matter if people choose bad. It is the choices we make that determine our quality in life. So I am trying to stay focused, do my thing, and stop occasionally be just be thankful for the life we have. It is good!

Heavy post but needed to vent. Here are a few pics of Ramsey too:

Enjoying licking the spoon from making rice crispy treats:

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The Tooles said...

Isn't it funny how the very simple things in life-like our children licking rice krispies off a spoon-make us the happiest!!! Hope everything works out for the best.

I had an experience tonight too that made me go kiss my kids while they were tucked in their beds. When crappy stuff happens to me or someone I know, it makes me realize what is truly important...my family=) Glad you are able to keep the glass half full. I know Ramsey is always good for a laugh whenever you may need one!