Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cope's Dinner

Cope has been wanting to cook us some of the foods he had eaten while he was in Iraq for a while now and so last night he invited my parents and his parents over for a feast! Cope had gotten an Iraqi cookbook for his birthday so he picked his favorite recipes. Of course some of the ingredients were hard to find to we took a little family outing to Harry's yesterday morning and of course they had most everything we needed. I love Harry's! Anyway, Cope worked VERY hard all afternoon and by 6:00 dinner was served! Here he is explaining to my Mom about some of the items:
My Mom brought Lintel Soup:

Lamb Kabobs:
Dolma. I know this looks disgusting but it was one of my favorite dishes. It is tomatoes, zucchini, and egg plant stuffed with rice and lamb. :
Flat Bread. Mom Made this too:
There was also pita chips with hummus, rice with a delicious almond and raisin topping, a cucumber and tomato sauce and chi tea. It was a neat experience and I will say when Cope first told me about the food I was no excited but I was wrong, it was good! I am glad Cope was able to show us some of the experience he had while in Iraq so SO LONG.

The boys right before Ramsey headed to bed watching monster trucks on the computer:

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