Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Trip To California Post #1

Last Thursday we left for our much anticipated trip to California for the long Memorial Day weekend. Each year we meet up with Cope's military buddies he was deployed in Iraq with and their wives. The first year we went to Florida (close to us), last year we went to Virginia (close to Brent and Jenn), and this year it was to California (close to Dave and Christine). Next year we are planning to go to Cape Cod (close to Alex and Brittney). Up until this year we were the only one with a kid so Ramsey stayed with back in GA while we adults lived it up. This year since two of the girls had had babies ad understandably didn't want to leave them Ramsey got to come along and needless to say he and I were both pumped about that. 

Ramsey hadn't been on a plane since he was 6 months old so he was super stoked! He was an awesome traveler and a good guest the whole weekend. We stayed at a house in Manhattan Beach that was rented for the weekend. It was perfect! it had a pool, game room, and enough space for everyone. It was soo good to see everyone and catch up. We all get along so well and I sure wish we lived closer to each other but I suppose that is what makes this annual event so much sweeter. Here are some pics from our adventure:

Ramsey ready to go!:
Watching our plane come in:

Ready for take off!;
We hit the pool as soon as we got there:
Ramsey and his buddy Alex:

Ramsey getting Alex addicted to the I-phone game "Where's My Water":

Ramsey meeting Landon (7 months) and Ricky (8 months):
I made Ramsey smile for a pic with the boys as Ricky tried to eat his shirt:

Silly pic of Ramsey in Landon's car seat:

Going out for Sushi:
Trying to get the boys posed in their matching shirts. You can see how that went:
Cope and his buds being super silly:
The last day Christine took Ramsey and me to Hollywood for a tour:

Seeing all the famous Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

Chinese Theatre:

Ramsey meeting Yoda at Madame Touseus:
And a storm Trooper:
and Shrek:
Way in the distance is the Hollywood sign:
More pics to come...

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