Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lake Winnie!!!

Last Friday we took our annual day trip to Lake Winnie in Tennessee. It is only about a hour fro my house and soooo worth the drive. We love lake Winnie and it isn't a complete summer without going. It is way cheaper then Six Flags and way less crowded. i don't think we waited more then 5 minutes for any ride all day!  My Mom, Morgan, Ansley, and Conn went. Cope or (Morgan's grand kids), Me, and Ramsey. Cope had to work. Boo! Here are some pics from our adventure:

 Sack Slide
 Dumbo ride:

 Classic boat ride:
 Ferris wheel:

 Bumble Bee Ride:

 Snack Time:
 Photo Op:
 Me and Ansley on a ride:

 Caterpillar roller coaster:
 Old Time Cars:
 Bumper cars:

 Time to cool off at the splash park:

 Ramsey and I on the chair lift:

 Frog Hopper:
 Awesome playground:

 Connor and Ramsey. Buddies.
 Spiderman Popsicle:

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Jenn said...

How fun! Is it even possible that Ramsey looks even more grown up than he did when we saw him last month? It looks like you are all enjoying your summer together :)