Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend on the Lake

Last weekend we decided to do something different and rent a pontoon for the weekend. Cope found out that the MWR at his work actually rents them so we got a good deal! It was a really fun weekend and we went out 3 days and each time had different friends join us. We might actually buy one in the future but for now renting is a good way to figure out if we would really use it and how much we enjoy it. Here are some pics from our weekend adventure:

Ramsey and Cope swimming:
 Friday night with the Browns:
 Ramsey and Addison looking for pirates:
 Dinner on the lake:
 Captain Cope:

 Just Chillin':
 Ava riding on Saturday. We had the Duvall's and our friend Shawnee and her son Kobey join us this day:
 Shawnee, Kobey, Ramsey, Vince, and Tripp:
 Erin Showing off her dip. She brought some great foods!

 Ramsey and Kobey:
 On Sunday we took Sage with us:
 And Mom and Morgan came along for an evening dinner ride:
 Sage loved it!:

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Cristin said...

Fun weekend! I'm glad Sage got to tag along. I was actually just wondering about her a few days ago.