Thursday, March 1, 2012

Soccer Practice

Ramsey has his first soccer practice this past Monday. He is playing in a new church league this year and has a little team with 10 players in in just 2 weeks they will start having real games on Saturdays with uniforms and all. I wasn't sure about doing soccer this year because he is playing T-ball too but he said he wanted to do both and you all know Ramsey calls the shots around here :) This league is 6 and under and he and his buddy Connor are definitely the smallest kiddos on the team. It doesn't matter though because they get challenged and it makes it that much more cute to watch.

Monday was so fun. Ramsey did great! They did drills, and by the end of practice were even scrimmaging some. I am so proud of our little guy. He listened well and really put forth his best efforts.

Ramsey loved sitting on his ball and wearing his hood that day. He said it made him look intimidating: Listening to the coach:

Doing drill with his team mate Connor:

This picture shows his size compared to some of his bigger teammates:
Such cute kiddos doing their best!:

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The Tooles said...

He does, in fact, look pretty intimidating! You'll have to talk to Justin about the time he coaches soccer to a team of 4 year olds, who happened to be like the "Bad News Bears."