Thursday, March 15, 2012

First Spend The Night Adventure

Last Saturday night Ramsey had his first spend the night company. His buddy Ty"s mommy had a baby 5 weeks ago and we promised Ty once his little sister was born he could come spend the night one night. So Saturday night was the BIG night. Ramsey was super excited! Ty came over about 6:00 and they ate dinner and played. Around 8:00 we made homemade doughnuts and then it was off to bath and bed. Ty slept on a pallet next to Ramsey's bed and they actually did really well, minus a 4:00am chatting session. Both boys were great and we all had fun!

Ty shaking the doughnut in the powdered sugar:

Enjoying messy doughnuts:
Snack time!:

What Love looks like!:

Bath Time!:

Silly Boys:

Reading stories before bed:

Up the next morning watching cartoons:

1 comment:

Jenn said...

We're going to have to get that homemade donut recipe from you. It looks like Ramsey and his buddy had lots of fun!