Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1st Soccer Game

Ramsey had his first real soccer game this past Saturday. It was soo cute! Ramsey did great and scored the first goal. I am not sure he totally knows what he is doing but he hangs right in there. He played almost the whole 45 minute game. He can run and doesn't ask for much time to rest so the coach just keeps him in. He wasn't afraid to mix it up with the bigger kids either. I think with some practice he might just be pretty good! Honestly it doesn't matter though as long as he is learning and having fun. We were so proud of him for not whining or complaining once. Those are the things that matter most to us at his age. Here are a few pics from the morning:

Getting instruction from their coach:

Prayer before the game:
Game On!:

Our little soccer stud:

Shaking hands with the team after the game:

Ramsey and his soccer buddies Addison and Emma Grace:

Ramsey's favorite part of the game was the team snack of juice and gummies afterwards.

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