Friday, February 24, 2012

Catch Air

Since it was winter break from pre-school on Monday, Cope, Me, Ramsey, my friend Heather, and her daughter Addison decided to take the kiddos out for some fun. We started out day off with a stop at Trader Joes. Heather and I are always looking for new healthy ideas for dinner and fun snacks for our kids. After that we hit "Catch Air" in Kennesaw. I hadn't been there but had heard good things. I guess every mother had the same idea we had cause the place was PACKED! Oh well, we still had fun! Ramsey loved it. It is great and different from Monkey Joes in that there is way more then just jumpys. We will be going back for sure! After Catch Air we hit Moes for lunch and then took a spin around Costco. Yeah, we are super crazy like that! So funny the things we consider a fun outing these days. I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING!

Ramsey was thrilled to finally be at "that air place":

All net:

Huge indoor playground:

Watching how the bigger kids do it first. He likes to study:


Building a tower with Addison:

Dance Floor (you know he loved that!):

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