Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ramsey's weekend with Grammy and Grampy

Ramsey had a blast staying with Cope's parents while we went to Athens on Saturday. Here are some pics from his adventure:

Quick Photo with Mom before we left:

Jim (AKA Grampy) is working on a new garden so Ramsey got to help with the process. Here he is taking one of his many breaks. Is that a cow skull next to him?: Helping plow the fields. Not sure why he wanted to wear a knight helmet to do so but then again he is 3 so I may never understand fully?:

Catching a ride from Grampy:

Uncle Eddie, Grampy, and Ramsey:

On his way home Sunday they stoped by Walmart to look at toys and get birthday/Christmas ideas from him:

Check out the concentration on his face. This is serious business:

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