Monday, September 12, 2011

Football Weekend

Friday afternoon as soon as Cope pulled in from work we all hoped in the car and headed to Cope's parents house in Bowdon. We got there in time to have dinner and then all of us headed down to the Bowdon football game that night. I haven't been to a High School football game in forever and it was fun and good people watching. Ramsey had a blast and his favorite part was the "cheerweeders". After a great nights sleep Cope and I headed out Saturday morning for Athens: Ramsey getting in on picture taking too. Although he stayed with Cope's parents for the day and another night so Cope and I could have a date day. Ramsey did lots of fun things while with his Grammy and Grampy. (those pics to follow in the next day or so)

We met up with our friends Elic and Sandyn at their tailgate. They are expecting their first baby in 10 weeks!:

Me and my sweet date:

Katy Toole and Me:

Cope and Justin Toole:

Katy and Justin live in Athens so we stayed the night and enjoyed some low key time with them after the game. The game was a bummer since UGA lost but it was still fun. We are so thankful for such good friends and the activities we get to enjoy.


Julie said...

Is my brother wearing red capri pants?

The Tooles said...

So happy to have you stay. Let us know if you want to come down and stay for another game! I might need you as my washers partner again=)