Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fun Saturday!

Saturday was super fun and super busy for us here at the Rowell house. Cope was in a clay shooting tournament so that meant Ramsey and I had a weekend morning to fill. We went grocery shopping and then met up with our buddies Heather and Addison at the movies to see HOP. It was such a cute movie and Ramsey really enjoyed it. Later, after naps we did some odds n ends around the house and then headed to our first Rome Braves baseball game. I've been wanting to take Ramsey for awhile now and finally decided to try to go before the weather gets to hot. It was sooo much fun! So kid friendly and again we met up with Heather, Addison, and Mr.Stephen. It is really inexpensive, they had jumpys, and lots of music for dancing. Oh, and there was an awesome fireworks show after the game. Here are some pics from the evening: Ready to go!:
Taking it all in on a juice break:
Dancing in his seat:
Ramsey and Addison:
One tired little boy:

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