Friday, April 15, 2011

Dinner at the Duvalls

This past Tuesday we went to visit our college buddies Vince and Erin Duvall and their sweet kiddos Ava (2.5 years) and Tripp (3 months). They just moved to Acworth which is just about 30 minutes for us and we are so thrilled to have familiar faces so close to us now. We just hung out, caught up, and let the kiddos play. Erin made a yummy dinner even though she wrangles 2 little ones all day. Ramsey and Ava quickly made friends with each other just played and played. Here is a picture of he 3 kids:


Erin Duvall said...

We had fun! Let's do it again.

The Tooles said...

Sounds fun...we need to have both of y'all down here sometime. I am already thinking about us moving in another year. We need to make the most of being close to everyone=)