Sunday, November 28, 2010

What We've been up to...

Last Monday Ramsey had his Thanksgiving performance at preschool. He is the 3rd from the left in the pic. :
We celebrated Thanksgiving at Cope's parents last Tuesday and Ramsey even got to spend the night and hang out with 2 of his favorite "gwirls", cousins Mattie and Caroline:

On actual Thanksgiving Day we started the day off by decorating our house for Christmas. I always dread the chore of putting it up but LOVE the finished product. Here is Ramsey helping Cope with the tree lights. I think Cope spends at least 3-4 hours each year getting all the lights to work: We also started Elf on The Shelf. We've named him Fred and he had a great effect the first 2 days but is quickly loosing his grip on Ramsey's behavior:

Finished Decorating!!!

Then Yesterday we were invited to a Birthday party at Petit Creek Farms here in Cartersville. It was COLD but we had a great time! Ramsey rode a pony and he and I fed a cow, goats, sheep, zebras and even Camels. It was neat and the Camels came right up to the hayride and would eat out of our hands.

Other then that we are just BUSY this time of year. Cope is working and perfecting his x-box football skills. Ramsey is getting excited that he'll be 3 years old next weekend, and I am filling business order as fast as my little fingers can sew it, gearing up for Ramsey's 3rd Birthday, and beginning to think about Christmas list. I know we'll survive this intense time of year simply because even in the madness I can still feel the magic of the holiday season in the air!

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