Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick- or-Treating 2010

We have had a blast trick-or-treating these last 2 days. After Ramsey's nap on Friday we headed downtown to the square for store trick-or-treating. It was super crowded which was a little bit much for my taste but we had fun anyway. Here is Lightning McQueen ready to go:
We met up with Aunt Paige at her office downtown:
We also ran into his buddies Kaden and Kendall:
We met up with Best Buddy Ty after that:

Ramsey choosing his loot:
Not wanting to pose with Daddy:

Last Night (Saturday night) was our neighborhood trick-or-treating. We invited his buddies Ty and Kobey over along with their parents. We had to make the WILD boys wait till the UGA game was over before we could head out:

We loaded them up and off we went:

They all had a blast and were sooooo cute. They walked up to each door, said "trick-or-treat" or "Hey" and then most of the time remembered to say "thank you" and then would run like crazy kids back to show us their loot:

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