Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ramsey's Weekend with Grammy and Grampy

Since Cope and I we're headed to Athens this past Friday Cope's Mom came and picked Ramsey up in Cartersville and they headed to Bowdon for the weekend. Ramsey was so excited to spend the weekend with them. I know he had as much fun or more then we did (and we had a lot of fun!). Grampy and Grammy were brave enough to take him to the West Georgia football game on Saturday morning. They tailgated for a while and then headed into the game at 2:00. They were not sure they'd stay the whole game with Ramsey but once he settled in he fall fast asleep on Grammy. We we're shocked he'd fall asleep but the had skipped his nap the day before and was running on fumes. He slept and hour and a half even with all the noise and cheering going on. They also took him to church the next morning and he was able to stay in "Big Church" the whole time. Whatever magic behavior dust they use we want some too :) I am so proud of Ramsey for being such a good boy. We picked him up later that day and he was just full of stories from his adventures. I am so thankful for all the grandparents he has that love him so much.
Napping on Grammy:
Just Chillin at the tailgate:

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Erin Duvall said...

Oh that magic touch that grandparents have.Yall goin to Gold Rush Saturday? We are.