Sunday, August 5, 2012

Trip To Boston

Last Weekend Cope and I took a weekend trip to surprise our friend Alex for his 30th Birthday! Cope and Alex were deployed together and over the years he has continued to be a great friend and Ramsey even considered him his best buddy. Alex's amazing girlfriend Brittney planned a whole surprise weekend for him. It started Friday night with the arrival of Cope and I. He was so surprised and we spent the evening going to get pizza and visiting the oldest pub in Boston:

 The next morning we acted like the 4 of us were just going to get some brunch and our friends Jenn and Brent from D.C. surprised him at the restaurant.
 After Brunch we his a bakery where his 2 sisters were waiting to surprise him. Then we hit a rooftop bar for Sangria:
 Throughout the day Alex got clues as to where he was going next:
 The next place was an open air bar on the waterfront. There his brother and sis-in-law and some of his buddies from West Point were waiting. Oh and at another bar we picked up his buddies from grade school.
 Cope and me having a good time being party of the celebration:
 After the rooftop bar it was a short ferry ride to the end place:
 This was a river front restaurant that was decorated and 30+ family and friends were waiting to surprise him including his parents:
 Alex coming in and so surprised!!!
It was a super fun adventure and we were just happy to be part of it! Happy 30th Alex. Hope it is the best year yet!