Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sky Zone

A few Saturdays ago Cope and I took Ramsey to a new indoor trampoline park in Kennesaw called "Sky Zone". I had heard good things so I wanted to check it out. We had a blast. 

We paid to jump for an hour and our first stop was the huge trampoline room with about 30 wall to wall trampolines. It was really well run and very safe with tons of staff making sure everyone follows the rules:

 Next it was on the the dodge ball court. The had different courts for age groups and Ramsey played in the 9 and under room. He had no idea how to play at first but after one game understood and even won the next game.
 He's a strategic player:
 Having a BLAST!
 Next it was on the the pit. You took turns jumping from a trampoline into a huge foam pit:
 So much fun!
 I even had to take a turn doing a flip into the pit:

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